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About This Offer

Take advantage of our newest offer at Smile Studio in New York- Zoom Teeth Whitening Treatment for only $399.

Our whitening results confirm an average of 9+ shades whiter and even higher for individuals with darker teeth. Years of coffee, cigarettes, red wine and other stains seem to magically disappear.

In about an hour you can have a brighter and whiter smile. Years of yellowing as well as staining from virtually everything you eat, drink, and inhale are almost magically erased in the time it takes to have your hair styled.

To learn more about this treatment special, visit Dr. Braverman at Smile Studio to improve your smile, (212) 688-3838.

Read here about one patient's experience at Smile Stuido:

"The thing I like best about going to the dentist is Dr. Mal Braverman and his kind, efficient staff. Not having to stress about going to the dentist is such a relief. This is why I have been a long-time patient. Beside the fact that Dr. Braverman is an excellent dentist, he has a very soothing voice, and is good at putting you completely at ease. More importantly, he never hurts. I actually have taken naps while sitting in the dental chair. I never feel rushed or pressured, and always have the Doctor's undivided attention. A while back, I had chipped a tooth, and was in a total panic, because I work in the theatrical industry. Not only did he fix my tooth immediately, but he took time out to get to know me and understand my concerns. His staff were very accommodating, and I was really impressed with the office teamwork. To this day, if I didn't know which tooth was chipped, I wouldn't be able to tell the difference. It's a perfect fit and I'm completely thrilled. I now go to Dr. Braverman for all my dental needs. Because of the stress of my work, I tend to grind my teeth at night. Prior to Dr.Braverman, other dentists had suggested expensive crowns to prevent the tiny cracks in my back teeth from becoming troublesome. Dr. Braverman eliminated the problem completely with a simple night guard, which also eliminated my TMJ or jaw pain. Of course, the office is immaculately clean, and is in a terrific location, overlooking Central Park. The office staff is always understanding about my erratic work schedule. Thanks to Dr. Braverman, I can keep my pearly whites pretty and healthy. I actually enjoy the visit. If I were ever to relocate, I would travel in for my dental visit. If only everything were this simple."

Erika Z


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About Us

Dr. Braverman is one of the leading cosmetic dentist’s in New York City and has created winning smiles for New York models, TV and movie personalities. He was recently named a Fellow of the International Academy of Dental-Facial Esthetics and is a co-founder and past president of the New York chapter of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. As such, Dr. Braverman organizes professional meetings for other dentists interested in the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry. Dr. Braverman, as a top NYC Cosmetic Dentist, has been a radio show host of "Smile Studio" at WEVD news talk radio in New York where he conducts a question and answer forum on all phases of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.
Dr. Braverman was recently featured in the January 16, 2003 issue of TimeOut New York as one of the leading cosmetic dentists in New York City.
Dr. Braverman Dr. Braverman is one of two dentists in New York listed in the 2005 Castle Connolly Guide "America's Top Cosmetic Doctors and Dentists." Dr. Braverman is an expert in the art and application of Porcelain Laminate Veneers, a beautiful, simple way to solve the problems of crooked or spaced teeth and even lengthen teeth that are too short.

Dr. Mal Braverman - Cosmetic Dentist in NYC

Dr. Braverman is a leading Cosmetic Dentist in NYC. He's created winning smiles for models, TV and movie personalities. Call Smile Studio in New York City, NY for your smile makeover!

(212) 688-3838

30 Central Park SouthSuite 12A
New York, NY  10019

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