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Periodontitis Plagued Your Pearly Whites? How Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Fix Them

Last updated 7 years ago

Are your pearly whites singing the blues? 

It could be because of periodontitis.   Periodontitis is a critical gum infection that destroys the bone and soft tissue that support your teeth.  Periodontitis can result from untreated gingivitis, which is an inflammation of the gums from untreated plaque and tartar on the teeth.   Gingivitis causes red, swollen and sometimes bleeding gums, but if caught early on, it can be reversed. 

If you find yourself with unhealthy gums, see a dentist right away!  They have the tools to help remove your periodontitis.  Depending on how severe the infection is, a dentist can clean away the infection and administer antibiotics, or they may have to perform a surgical procedure.

Because periodontitis causes your gums to recede, make sure you see a cosmetic dentist to restore your beautiful smile.  There are several things your cosmetic dentist can do to reverse damage caused by periodontitis and make your teeth beautiful again!

1.      Periodontal Treatment

This is an evaluation to look at the extent of gum disease and infection by a specialized periodontist.  From here, it can be determined what kind of treatment is appropriate for the extent of gum and/or tooth decay.

2.      Soft Tissue Grafts

If a dramatic amount of soft gum tissue has eroded, there is a procedure your cosmetic dentist can perform to restore gums with soft tissue grafts.

3.      Gingivoplasty

In the case that gum tissue is misaligned with your teeth, a gingivoplasty, or gum trimming, can be performed by your cosmetic dentist to make your teeth look uniform and enhance your smile.

4.      Porcelain Veneers

If the bones of your teeth are strongly affected by periodontitis, porcelain veneers are available through your cosmetic dentist to protect teeth in addition to enhancing the look of your teeth and smile.

If you’re living in or around New York City, and periodontitis is a scary part of your reality, make sure to contact Dr. Braverman at Smile Studio.  Our trained staff will be able to treat and stop your periodontitis, and give you back a smile you love.


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