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What to Eat for a Healthy Smile

Last updated 6 years ago

Brushing, flossing, and visiting your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings are the most well-known ways to care for your oral health. However, did you know that what you eat also has a dramatic effect on your dental health? Nutrition is important to every part of your body, including your teeth and gums.

Calcium-Rich Foods
Calcium plays a key role in protecting your teeth. Low-fat dairy products like cheese and yogurt are excellent sources of calcium. Calcium helps to strengthen teeth by neutralizing the acid produced by bacteria in your mouth that attack the enamel of your teeth. Cheese also contains casein, a protein that helps re-mineralize the tooth surface.

Foods that Contain Vitamins D & C
Eating foods rich in vitamin D, like fish, helps your body absorb calcium to strengthen teeth and bones. Vitamin C also supports healthy gums. Include foods like red peppers, sweet potatoes, and citrus to maintain the health of your gums—the foundation for healthy teeth and a healthy smile.

Crunchy Foods
Eating crunchy foods, particularly fibrous fruits and vegetables, contributes to your oral health in two ways. First, chewing crunchy foods can stimulate saliva production. Saliva helps to neutralize the acid produced by oral bacteria, and in turn, prevent tooth decay. In addition, crunchy, fibrous foods work to naturally clean off your teeth as you chew.

Foods to Avoid
Choosing not to eat certain foods can also have a positive impact on your oral health. Carbohydrates, hard foods, sticky candies, dried fruits, and sodas or other high-sugar beverages should only be enjoyed in moderation. Whenever you indulge in a sugary snack, even if it’s naturally sweet, rinse out your mouth with water or brush your teeth soon after.

Even the healthiest oral hygiene and eating habits can only do so much. If you wish your teeth looked straighter, whiter, and healthier, contact Dr. Braverman, a cosmetic dentist at Smile Studio in NYC. With a wide array of cosmetic dentistry procedures available, Smile Studio can help create a healthy, beautiful smile for you. Find out more about Smile Studio and our services by calling us at (212) 688-3838.


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