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How Dentistry Can Help You Stop Snoring

Last updated 6 years ago

When you want to seek treatment to help you stop snoring and get more restful sleep at night, the dentist might not be the first source you turn to. However, you might rethink your opinion about dental treatment for snoring when you learn that it is among the most conservative and comfortable treatments available for disruptive nighttime snoring. With custom-molded oral appliances to be worn while you sleep, your dentist can offer you a great solution for snoring that is non-surgical and effective.

Why people snore:
To understand how an oral appliance can help you stop snoring, it is important to know a little about why snoring occurs. Snoring is a sign of labored breathing that takes place during sleep when the air passages are restricted. Obstructions cause vibrations that are heard as snoring, which can be rather loud and disruptive to your sleep. Oral appliances work by keeping the teeth in a neutral position that creates a wider opening in the nasal and oral airways, allowing for easier breathing. Your appliance will be custom made to the exact specifications of your bite so that it fits comfortably over your teeth. Most patients adjust to the appliances in a few nights, and they find more restful, peaceful sleep with continued use.

Why oral appliances are beneficial:
Along with treatment for snoring, oral appliances have the benefit of preserving the health of your smile by hindering teeth grinding. When you grind your teeth in your sleep, enamel is worn away from the tooth surface. Additionally, the pressure of grinding can cause pain and headaches that last through the day. Using an oral appliance will reduce these effects and help you feel better all day because you have gotten a peaceful night’s sleep.

To see if a custom-fitted oral appliance will help you sleep easier, visit Smile Studio for a consultation with Dr. Mal Braverman. Contact our New York City office on our website or give us a call at (212) 688-3838. 


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