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4 Ways to Improve Halitosis

Last updated 7 years ago

Bad breath can be a killer to your social life.  Bad breath can cause your date to flee the room, and your coworkers to avoid you at all costs.  This is what can happen when you are plagued with chronic bad breath, also called Halitosis. 

A NYC cosmetic dentist can help you prefect your smile, but bad breath may still diminish your confidence.  Why not combine the below tips with your NYC porcelain veneers or your NYC dental implants to truly give you a great looking—and great smelling—smile.

1.      Brush Your Tongue: Microscopically, your tongue is like a shag carpet trapping bacteria and food particles.  It’s these particles that can cause bad breath.  Get in the habit of brushing your tongue, and if you have a mouth guard or Invisalign, then ask your Orthodontist for the proper way to clean these items as well. 

2.      Chew Gum: Saliva is a great way ward off bad breath, and many medications that cause dry mouth can also cause bad breath.  Chewing gum, preferably a dentist recommended brand, can help keep your mouth moist and bad breath at bay.

3.      Eat the Right Foods: Certain foods can help you end bad breath by fighting off the odor-causing bacteria.  Spearmint and parsley are great bad breath fighters, along with apples and carrots which help remove plaque from teeth.

4.      Drink Some Tea: Drinking tea can sometimes help ward off halitosis, because it contains elements that can stop the growth of odor-causing bacteria.  Choose green tea over black tea to avoid needing to see your NYC teeth whitening dentist as often. 

Now that you know how to conquer your halitosis, isn’t it time you had a smile to match your clean, fresh breath? 

At the Smile Studio in NYC, cosmetic dentist Dr. Mal Braverman can help you achieve a beautiful new smile.  With state-of-the-art equipment and years of experience, Dr. Braverman has consistently been called one of the leading cosmetic dentists in New York City.  Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation.

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