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Considering Dental Implants or Dentures? Find Out More Before You Come Into Smile Studio in New York City

Last updated 7 years ago

Humans have spent a large part of recorded history attempting to develop practical ways to replace missing teeth. Early attempts included wooden teeth, teeth made from ivory, and even dentures created from real human teeth. Though none of these attempts worked very well, dental medicine and cosmetic dentistry have made great strides since.

  • Dental Implants - Technology has improved to the point where if you lose a tooth, your dentist can often implant a manmade one in its place. To install a dental implant, your dentist will place a metal post in the socket where your natural tooth once was. After the implant fuses with the jawbone, your dentist will cap it off with a crown that looks much like your original tooth. Dental implants function like real teeth and can last the rest of your life, provided you maintain good oral hygiene. Implants also have the benefit of preventing bone loss.
  • Dental Bridges - Not all people are good candidates for dental implants. For a dental implant to be successful, the patient must have a healthy amount of bone in the jaw—but as soon as a tooth is lost, the jawbone begins to deteriorate. If the procedure is not performed quickly enough, then you may not have enough bone to support an implant. This is where dental bridges come in. Dental bridges are created by putting crowns on the teeth to each side of the missing tooth.  Your dentist then creates a false tooth and anchors the replacement in your mouth by attaching it to the new crowns. Dental bridges can be performed for one tooth or multiple teeth.
  • Dentures - Modern dentists can make dentures more realistic, more comfortable, and less likely to slip. Partial dental implants can also be used as a kind of hook to help keep your dentures in place but still allow for easy removal.

If you’re interested in dental implants, bridges, or dentures, then contact Smile Studio. Smile Studio’s cosmetic dentists provide dental implants, teeth whitening, dental veneers, and other effective procedures.

For more information, call us at (212) 688-3838.


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