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Common Foods that Could be Hurting Your Smile

Last updated 7 years ago

There are countless foods that will help strengthen your teeth, including fish, vegetables, milk, and cheese. Unfortunately, there are also many foods and drinks that can accelerate the rate of tooth decay and leave your oral health severely damaged.

To ensure your teeth remain strong and decay-free, minimize your intake of these foods:

  • Soda: If you commonly have a can of Coke or soda with lunch, then consider how much sugar you are taking into your body. Bacteria on your teeth turn the sugar into acid, which gradually wears away the enamel of your teeth, eventually leading to cavities. Unfortunately, even purportedly healthy drinks, such as sports drinks and Vitamin Water, often contain huge amounts of sugar. Dark sodas, coffee, and tea can also easily stain teeth. When in doubt, simply drink water.
  • Sugary cereals: Starchy foods are particularly harmful to your teeth because they raise the level of acid in your mouth. While raw starches like vegetables are beneficial, heavily refined starches pose a danger. Many commercial cereals are full of sugar and starch, so making a regular breakfast out of them can have a corrosive effect on your and your family’s teeth.
  • Hard candy: In some cases, the after-dinner mint may prove more destructive to your teeth than your entire dinner. Lozenges, mints, and cough drops cause high levels of acid to build up in your mouth. To avoid this, only chew sugar-free versions of these drops. Also steer clear of sticky candy, which has an even worse effect on your teeth because it prevents saliva from reaching the enamel and neutralizing the acid.

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